// Bebop Special RSD Konzert: The Irrational Library + Grand Raspail & The Marquee’s

// Bebop Special RSD Konzert: The Irrational Library + Grand Raspail & The Marquee’s
// Asta Rosenheim // Sa 20.04.2024 // 20:00

// The Irrational Library (NL/Haarlem)
The Irrational Library is a Haarlem based rock band with its roots firmly planted in both the regional and international counterculture. The Dutch-American band produces a raw, dirty groove which is heavily influenced by icons of beat-, provo- and punk culture. The band‘s rhythm section -Mishal Zeera on bass and Lars van der Weijden on drums- puts the poetry packed with social criticism on a musical freight train with the velocity of acts such as The Minutemen or Gil Scott Heron. Tom de Haan‘s baritone sax then propels this freight train ever onward with tight melodies and psychedelic improvisations. The “unofficial city poet of Haarlemtown” Joshua Baumgarten is the catalyst that propels The Irrational Library forward on the rhythm and rhyme of his socio-politically engaged spoken word poetry.

// Grand Raspail and the Marquee’s (FR/UK)
FULL POWER blues and hip hop style WILD & CLASSY so gooood ROUGH & CREAMY guitars COOL lyrics DANCING BEATS garage soul spirit and real ANALOGIC music.
This is GRTM, Grand Raspail aka Fred Raspail and The Marquee’s aka Stef Roul. Watch out ! You gonna WANT some more, because you NEED some more. Because listening at GRTM’s first LP “#NOGOODMUSICNODANCE” is gonna leave you totally naked and warmy… Mastered by John Davis at his legendary desk in Metropolis London, you ll get powerful beats, easy melodies, hypnotic grooves – from the danceful and so called “NO GOOD MUSIC NO DANCE” to the Arabic psychedelic blues “BAYTEE YAHRAG” and the smoky version of The Door’s beauty “MAGGIE MC GILL”.
Here, everything was hand made ; the melodies, the rythms, but also the production and the rest.. DIY spirit, real analogic band, GPT’s free, soul first. Please, go and have a look on their youtube channel, all videos are home made with soulsuality and a touch of English humor.